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All About Me

I started doing hair when I was 12. Of course, it was for free and of course, it was for fun. I spent my middle and high-school extra time practicing on my friends and family. After high school, I wanted to pursue nursing and I did just that. Went to nursing school but kept doing hair on the side. I had gotten so good at braiding that I was charging my friends and it actually helped me pay for college classes. Halfway through nursing school my husband and I had a serious conversation about passion. It touched me so much to know I wasn’t living mine. I truly believe anything you can do for free is absolutely your passion. I instantly dropped nursing and went to cosmetology school. My husband got a 2nd job while I went to school from 8am-8pm. We had 3 kids so this was no easy task. 

I have family and friends to help out as much as they could and by the grace of God I finished. Got my Master’s cosmetology license and went to Ulta Salon to work as a stylist.


Within nine months I was promoted to Salon manager. I organized and ran Salon conference calls, learned payroll, how to hist interviews and grow a business, and even trained all of my stylist that worked under me. I worked at that corporate Salon for about four years. In the middle of covid upper management decided to take a turn and get rid of the salon manager position as a whole nationwide. Alot of my peers were devastated.

 I wasn’t, I know I had a bigger plan and this was a way to push me into greater things. I decided to start over at a salon suite where I currently work. It was the best decision of my life to work on my own. My clients have tripled since then and now I can run my own salon. With the knowledge and skill I learned from working in a corporate salon I am set for life. This journey although tough at times was so worth it.

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